"Count-Them" Technik


"COUNT-THEM" provides the user with a counter accessible via an Internet browser.

This counter can be increased or decreased from several places at the same time.
This is done via the Count-Them web interface after successful login.
The current meter reading is always visible in the browser window of every logged-in user assigned to the meter.
This means that areas with entries and exits that are further apart can be observed independently of one another.

The count-theme page can also be called up from a PC and monitored and counted from there.

The data remain on the server in a secured Austrian data center and are also available for further analysis.



Each meter is exclusively assigned to the customer and secured against unauthorized access

"Customer" and "User":

At least 3 users are assigned to each meter, whose rights determine the type of access to the meter: "Manager", "Meter" and "Reader".

  • the user with the "Manager" rights can change the meter reading and reset, set limits and call up other options - this is usually the customer himself
  • the user with the "counting" rights can change the meter reading, but cannot make any changes - these can be employees who take over the counting on site
  • the user with the "read" rights can query the meter reading, but cannot intervene - can e.g. are used in the back office area so that the current number of people in the shop or on the site can be read at any time.

So the usage the can be adapted exactly to the needs.




"metering time":

The "Count-them" counter ("Zählpunkt") remains exclusively assigned to the customer. With the booking of a metering point, a certain first metering time (at least 1 week) is activated for counting. After this time, further "beats" can be obtained. These are available in WEEK or MONTH periods and can start any day of the week. In this way, beats can also be booked and reserved in advance in the future. The data already collected remains accessible to the customer/user with the "manager" rights. Exact prices and offers can be seen in the currently valid price list.

extending the scope with additional "meter":

A customer can also book & buy additional metering points. You can choose whether a separate user is to be created for this or it should be integrated into the existing group
assigned to users. In the latter case, the user has a choice of metering points available after successful login. With this option, "count-them" meters can also beeing "grouped" and thus opens up further analysis and evaluation options (e.g. overview of those present in the shops of a chain, churches, etc.)

Analyses und Options:

"Count-Them" already offers several options:

Standard options:

  • Limit function: the "Manager" can specify aminimum and a maximum value. This is then continuously compared with the current meter reading. If this is outside, there is a warning on the display ("^", "V"),
    Vibration and sound effect: The sound and vibration effect of the mobile device support the counting function even under "stress",


Further options on request (e.g.):

Groupwise overview of the current data: The counter readings of all counters combined in a group are made available to the user by the manager function in tabular and graphic form,
History: Chronological development of the meter reading per metering point and time


more to follow soon ..