- Attendance counting made easy

Web-based attendance counting without expensive and cumbersome technical installations ! Mobile device, data access and local browser -thats all you need !

where to use

COUNT-THEM can be used in a variety of ways:

  • for counting attendees without expensive technical infrastructure (counting cameras, evaluation apps),
  • For counting people in wholesale markets with multiple entrances and exits,
  • Counting people in shopping centers,
  • For shop or restaurant chains to keep track of the current number of visitors,
  • For events with a limited number of visitors,
  • In churches and at mass celebrations,
  • for counting the number of participants,
  • Collection of visitor flows (entry / exit),
  • Scientific surveys,
  • To demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements (COVID-19),
  • and much more...

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How it works

it's easy:

By purchasing a "COUNT-THEM" counter, the customer receives 3 access accounts with the following access-rights:

    • An account with management rights ("Manager") for the manager of the meter
      Can count, but also reset the counter, enter limits and has access to administrative functions, statistics and much more.
    • An account with counting rights ("counter"). This can change the counter reading, but not reset it.
    • An account with reading rights ("reader"). This can view the meter reading, but cannot change it.

The current meter reading is visible on the website of every logged-in user in real time!

When the "COUNT-THEM" counter is set up and activated, the counter function is activated for a first period and can be used immediately!

After that, further "counting times" can be purchased depending on requirements (week, month, half year, year)

The "COUNT-THEM" counter remains assigned and accessible until at least 6 months after the last use (count).

Additional "COUNT-THEM" counters can be easily and quickly booked, activated and grouped together.

it couldn't be easier !...

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added values...

"Count-Them" can be used for more than just for "counting people":
  • act as online display of available space,
  • beeing integrated into the homepage of the customer showing available space and/or actual use,
  • group several counter to a "counting group" ( e.g. restaurant chains, group of churches ),
  • limit monitoring: watch limits set by the "manager". show/send a message when limits are hit,
  • geocode the location of counting activity and show them onto an alakctronic map (e.g. free space in multiarenas),
  • collect and analyse people flow,
  • statistical evaluations (influx, number, temporal developments)

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